EKOFOL a.s. specializes in packing materials, packaging technologies and their optimal use in distribution or export packaging.

For both industry and retail, we offer a wide range of packaging and consumables in our own Ekofol product line, as well as the world’s leading manufacturers and brands.

Packaging materials are kept in several categories according to the types of use.

materiály pro exportní balení

Materials for export packaging

We offer a wide range of packaging materials during export shipment and long-term storage.

materiály pro fixaci nákladu

Materials for cargo security

Our company also offers a wide range of fixation and other auxiliary materials to secure the goods during transport.

spotřební obalové materiály

Consumer packaging materials

Last but not least, we supply a complete range of consumer packaging materials. Stretch films, binding tapes, cardboard …

Professional consultations

Need more information or do you have a specific problem? We provide professional consulting services and we will be happy to propose a way to optimize the way your goods are delivered to customers.