Spotřební obalové materiály

Consumer packaging materials

We offer a wide range of consumer packaging materials. Stretch film, binding tapes, cardboard, bubble foils and much more.

EKOFOL a.s. offers a complete range of packaging and packing materials for the comfortable protection of your goods.

Stretch film

  • Hand and machine SF 150% -250% elongation
  • Windings and types of sockets according to customer requirements
  • The possibility of re-purchasing the tubes

Rewinding of stretch films takes place within their own production. The production process is carried out according to procedures certified by ISO 9001.

Adhesive tapes

Packaging adhesive tapes

  • Acrylic, hotmelt, solvent, paper LP
  • Hand packaging, industrial coils
  • Possibility of printing

Special adhesive tapes

  • Creping (varnish) adhesive tapes
  • Double-sided adhesive strips
  • Carpet adhesive tapes
  • Special aluminum tapes
  • (Filament) glass fiber adhesive tapes

PP, PET binding strips

  • Steel, PP, PET, PES tapes (strength 250-5000kg)
  • Buckles – (plastic, wire, sheet metal)
  • Corners under the tapes (plastic, paper)
  • Strapping machines (manual mechanical, semi / automatic)
  • Industrial strapping machines

PE foil

  • Hoses, polohadice, flat foils
  • Primary material, regranulate
  • Standard and custom dimensions up to 6m
  • Possibility of printing

Cardboard and interlacing

  • Standard carton 3, 5 VVL
  • Special cardboard 5, 7 VVL
  • Endless cardboard 5, 7 VVL
  • Interlining and machine cardboard
  • Custom corrugated cardboard packaging
  • Design and development of packaging incl. Graphic design

Cardboard protective edges

  • Edges for light and heavy palletizing
  • L, U profiles, flexiheads
  • Special coatings (white, AL, PE edges)
  • Waterproof design
Kartonové ochranné hrany

Protective and filler materials

Protective and insulating materials

  • Foam PE (rolls, plates)
  • bubble foil
  • Corrugated cardboard on rolls

Filling materials

  • FloPack
  • PE wool
  • Pressed paper
  • Systems for filler materials

Waste bags, bags, bags and other consumables

  • Quick-release bags (sack / zipper bags)
  • Waste bags
  • Bags into baskets
  • PE bags
  • Transport envelopes
  • Food stretch film
  • Office supplies (papers, bubble envelopes, etc.)

Professional consultations

Need more information or do you have a specific problem? We provide professional consulting services and we will be happy to propose a way to optimize the way your goods are delivered to customers.